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9 book/templating.rst
@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ lives in a specific location:
In the :ref:`overiding-bundle-templates` section, you'll find out how each
template living inside the ``AcmeBlogBundle``, for example, can be overridden
-by placing a template of the same name in the ``app/Resources/AcmeBlog/views/``
+by placing a template of the same name in the ``app/Resources/AcmeBlogBundle/views/``
directory. This gives the power to override templates from any vendor bundle.
.. tip::
@@ -952,9 +952,10 @@ We learned in the :ref:`template-naming-locations` section that the template
in question lives at ``Resources/views/Blog/index.html.twig`` inside the
``AcmeBlogBundle`` bundle. To override the bundle template, copy the ``index.html.twig``
template to ``app/Resources/AcmeBlogBundle/views/Blog/index.html.twig`` (the
-``AcmeBlogBundle`` directory might not exist). Now, when the
-``AcmeBlogBundle:Blog:index.html.twig`` template is rendered, Symfony2 will look
-first for the template at
+``AcmeBlogBundle`` directory might not exist).
+Now, when the ``AcmeBlogBundle:Blog:index.html.twig`` template is rendered,
+Symfony2 will look first for the template at
``app/Resources/AcmeBlogBundle/views/Blog/index.html.twig`` before looking
at ``src/Acme/BlogBundle/Resources/views/Blog/index.html.twig``. You're
now free to customize the template for your application.

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