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@title ASpace Import / Export LTD.

@author Brian Hoffman

Getting started

If using RVM (https://rvm.io//)

  • Install ruby (~> 1.9.3)

     $ rvm install 1.9.3
    		 $ rvm use 1.9.3
  • Create a new gemset

     $ rvm gemset create archivesspace-migrations
     $ rvm gemset use archivesspace-migrations
  • Install nokogiri, json-schema

     $ gem install nokogiri
     $ gem install json-schema
  • Run import.rb like so

     $ import.rb [-n ] (DRY RUN) -i {importer-name} {path/to/your/data/file.ext}

Without RVM

  • This should work as long as you are using Ruby 1.9; Please report on any problems you have in your environment

Using the import tool

Running imports

  • Navigate to this directory (migrations)

  • Run the importer like this

    		$./import.rb [ OPTIONS ] [ @IMPORTER ARGS ]
  • To see all importer flags, run

    		$./import.rb -h
  • To find out what importers are available, and what to pass them

    		$./import.rb -l

Adding an Importer

  • You can create an importer and add it to the importers directory

  • The first line of your file must be

    		ASpaceImporter.importer :foo do # 'foo' is the unique key for this importer
  • You must define two methods, self.profile and run. See examples.