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Ondřej Michal edited this page Aug 16, 2022 · 5 revisions

Dear contributors,
we are thrilled you came across this page describing our view of the RFEM Python Client.

This work started at the end of 2020 with the intention to enable our users to use our products more freely. To enable to program you own solutions to current challanges. To create parametric and custom made scripts to unlock full potential of what we offer as company.

That said we created this Client to resemble RFEM as close as possible. To enable inexperienced users to get their solutions up and running ASAP. This also means that we follow certain structure. It is maybe not the most Pythonic API you came across, but it follows our intention well. It is important to note, that it doesn’t mean we prohibit individual solutions. Quite the opposite. You can create forks that suit your needs. We can even share solutions and we will be excited if you decide to work with us. But when contributing to our public Client, please follow the idea as close as possible. We spend a lot of time enhancing it and make it the best experince possible.

We appeciate all your contributions,
Team Python Client