Network Plugin for Kibana
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Network Plugin for Kibana

This is a plugin developed for Kibana that displays a network node that link two fields that have been previously selected.

Link to the page:

Installation Steps from release

Now this plugin is avalible for differents versions of Kibana (6, 5 and 4), in releases you can download the plugin with all its dependencies installed:

  1. Go to releases and download the right one for your Kibana
  2. unzip/untar it into KIBANA_HOME/plugins
  3. Start your Kibana

Installation Steps from GitHub source code

  1. Move into plugins folder:  cd KIBANA_HOME/plugins

  2. Clone the source code (it depends on your Kibana's version):

    • Kibana 6.3 or upper: git clone network_vis -b 6-dev
    • Kibana 6.0, 6.1 or 6.2: git clone network_vis -b 6.2-dev
    • Kibana 5.5.X or 5.6.X: git clone network_vis -b 5.5.x
    • Kibana 5.5.X or lower: git clone network_vis -b 5.4.x
    • Kibana 4: git clone network_vis -b 4.x
  3. Install dependencies:

    cd network_vis
    rm -rf images/
    npm install
  4. Start Kibana

Important: If you have any problem with the plugin version (like a warning message "it expected Kibana version "x.x.x", and found "x.x.x"") only change the value of the "version" tag on the package.json to your Kibana version


rm -rf plugins/network_vis/

Types of networks

Two types of Nodes:

It can select 'Node'-'Node' in buckets to show a network that link two types of nodes. Each type is the result of the field selected.


Nodes linked by a Relationship:

First, select 'Node' on buckets for build the network of one type of nodes, it depends of the field it has been selected. After, select 'Relation' to link the nodes through a relationship that depends of the field it has been selected.


Integration on Dashboard

Completly integration on Dashboards with other visualizations.


User Guide

You can find an user guide in the file

Help me to improve! 😄

If there's any problem or doubt, please, open a Github Issue (Pull Request) or contact me via email ( It would be very helpful if you tried it and tell me what you think of it, the errors and the possible improves that I could make.

For anything, contact me: