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by Marty Schoch (

TouchDB-Android is the Android port of TouchDB by Jens Alfke ( For information on the high-level goals of the project see the iOS README. This document will limit itself to Android specific issues and deviations from the iOS version.

Current Status

  • Ported core functionality present in TouchDB-iOS as of Jan 22.
  • Unit tests pass


  • Android 2.2 or newer
  • Jackson JSON Parser/Generator


  • Apache License 2.0

Known Issues

  • Exception Handling in the current implementation makes things less readable. This was a deliberate decision I made to make it more of a literal port of the iOS version. Once the majority of code is in place and working I would like to revisit this and handle exceptions in more natural Android/Java way.


  • Finish porting all of TDRouter so that all operations are supported

Getting Started using TouchDB-Android

See the Wiki: