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Sublime Text 3 autocomplete plugin for Brevis CSS toolkit.
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Brevis CSS Autocomplete

Sublime Text 3 autocomplete plugin for Brevis CSS toolkit.


Brevis is a CSS toolkit designed for robust, high performance and scalable web applications.


The plugin can be installed through Sublime Text's Package Control. Just search for Brevis autocomplete.

Alternatively, you can clone this repository to the Packages directory of your Sublime installation. On macOS, this looks as follows:

cd ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/
git clone


Class name autocompletion: When inside double quotes of a class attribute (class="[HERE]"), suggestions will appear for all Brevis classes.


Note: In order for the suggestions to appear, your document needs to have the syntax set to HTML (or any child syntax like HTML (PHP)). You can set the syntax from the menu View > Syntax or via the Command Palette.


Created based on webchun plugins.

Copyright and license

©2019 Daniel Zilli - Code Licensed MIT, Docs CC BY 3.0.

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