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Welcome to Calavera!

Calavera is Spanish for "skull." The name was chosen to reflect a walking skeleton, which is an important concept in Agile development. More on the choice of imagery.

Calavera's goal is to provide an integrated, easy to install DevOps toolchain, using open source projects, for instructional and research purposes. It has several subprojects:

Manos ("Hands") - the first subproject, a Vagrant-based virtual appliance for test driven development using git, Java, Ant, JUnit, and Tomcat.

Espina ("Spine") - a subproject to integrate a DevOps build and deploy toolchain including git, Jenkins, and a package repository, integrated with Manos.

Brazos ("Arms") - a simulated build environment (consistent with Manos and Cara).

Cara ("Face") - a simulated production environment (Java/Tomcat).

Piernas ("Legs") - a subproject to integrate an engineering toolkit

The pipeline supports multiple projects. The first project is named "Hijo" (boy). Others may be named "Hija" (girl), "Gatito" (kitten), etc. At this point, the projects are more or less equivalent to products/services.

Calavera is itself a key part of the larger InsanIT project, which will

-- scale up the experiment to multiple (on the order of ~5k products eventually) products, pipelines and simulated representations thereof, using techniques from cellular automata, systems dynamics, and possibly video gaming


-- integrate IT management infrastructure over them, including architecture, portfolio, and service management, expressed as an open source reference implementation of the IT4IT standard. (Yes, this is insane. Hence the name.)

Here is a diagram (right-click and open in new tab if it's too small.):

(Skull image from, #18054)

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