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2012-03-26 David Michael <>
* : Updated project distribution, 0.2
* merge.c (pwm_merge_conversation): Add conversation menu accel_groups
(pwm_destroy_conversation): Remove the accel_groups when finished
2012-03-24 David Michael <>
* merge.c (pwm_destroy_conversation,pwm_set_conv_menus_visible):
Added or rearranged some variables for uniformity in the file
(pwm_destroy_conversation): Replace Buddy List conversations on disable
2012-03-23 David Michael <>
* merge.c (pwm_merge_conversation): Skip some "move-cursor" bindings
2012-03-22 David Michael <>
* merge.c (pwm_destroy_conversation): Unset window icons
* plugin.c (deleting_conversation_cb): Unset window icons
2012-03-16 David Michael <>
* : Initial project distribution, 0.1
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