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@tuxdna tuxdna Add installation steps Ubuntu 14.04 3280a4b
@dm0- dm0- Use Fedora 18 RPMs 52d1ef2
@dm0- dm0- Give instructions on how to revert the commit disabling translations 010e6df
@dm0- dm0- Update the version number and note its support for NSIS 5a9ffe0
@dm0- dm0- Explicitly state the msginit command for the localization template dd250fe
@dm0- dm0- Update the supporting RPMs for Fedora 17 9841d4a
@dm0- dm0- Link to the translation template 0715e93
@dm0- dm0- I always forget that spectool exists. 8d0ef99
@dm0- dm0- Oops, command mistyped 7ac55be
@dm0- dm0- This page could use some actual content. fb160e8
@dm0- dm0- Remove the --nogpgcheck option from yum calls, local installs default to this behavior now ce7ded4
@dm0- dm0- Rewrite most of the instructions for use with the new configure script 05feaaf
@dm0- dm0- Initial revision 0d0eb85
@dm0- dm0- Initial Commit 8b4ed7d
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