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Restructuring README quotes :)

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@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ terminal and to release root privileges when those are not necessary.
In this documentation, any mention of a "thread" refers to an `Lwt.t`.
+All quotes are from the Pearl Jam song _Release - Master/Slave_ :)
## Installation
After cloning the repository, run the commands below.
@@ -24,7 +26,6 @@ After cloning the repository, run the commands below.
> Can you see me now
> I am myself
> Like you somehow
--- Pearl Jam, _Release - Master/Slave_
The simplest way to use the library is to simply daemonize a process. Release
provides an Lwt-enabled function to do this in the `Release` module.
@@ -103,7 +104,6 @@ This function works exactly like `Release.master_slave`, but it creates
> Where it takes me
> I'll hold the pain
> Release me
--- Pearl Jam, _Release - Master/Slave_
When a slave process is run, some code must be run in order to setup
communication with the master, and also to drop privileges to a non-root user.
@@ -126,7 +126,6 @@ accepts a file descriptor for communication with the master process.
> I'll wait up in the dark
> For you to speak to me
--- Pearl Jam, _Release - Master/Slave_
Inter-process communication in `Release` is handled in a type-safe manner in
the module `Release_ipc`.

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