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DM2E Direct

dm2e-ingest is a wrapper script around the jar file, which otherwise can also be executed directly via java -jar JARFILE.

If you call dm2e-ingest, you get the following usage information:

Loading default configuration from classpath:
No input files. Either add them to a config or pass as argument: 
usage: ingest
 -c,--config                    The direct configuration to be used.
 -d,--dataset                   The dataset ID this is used to create
                                     your URIs, e.g., codices.
 -delA,--delete-all-versions    Collection URI. Delete all ingestions
                                     for this collection (USE WITH
 -delV,--delete-version         Graph URI. Delete this ingestion (USE
                                     WITH CARE!)
 -dm2e,--dm2e-model-version     DM2E Model Version. Leave empty to
                                     get a list of supported versions.
 -e,--exclude                   comma-separated list of identifiers
                                     or files to be excluded
 -h,--help                           Show this help.
 -i,--include                   comma-separated list of identifiers
                                     or files to be included
 -kt,--keep-temporary           Keep temporary files (in default temp
                                     directory) for debugging.
 -l,--label                     A label describing the ingested
 -p,--provider                  The provider ID that is used to
                                     create your URIs, e.g., mpiwg.
 -pmh,--use-oai-pmh             Set to true, if input is an OAI-PMH
 -v,--validation                Validate and stop at specified level.
                                     One of FATAL, ERROR, WARNING, NOTICE,
                                     OFF. Default: ERROR
 -x,--xslt                      The XSLT mapping (zipped, a folder or
                                     a file)
 -xp,--xslt-props               The file containing properties passed
                                     to the XSLT process.

You can provide all arguments in a configuration file for easier provenance tracking and repetition. Check the examples for further information.

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