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Memory is a github based utility which helps you store and view links. Storage works on top of git infrastructure while viewing links works through github-pages.


  1. Storing links - memory store "Programming subreddit".

  2. Deleting links - not supported :). Potentially memory could support editing/removing non-pushed submissions. Pushed submissions could be allowed to be edited which would not be handled by git which, in turn, would add a lot of complexity.

  3. Tagging links - using git notes.

Viewing Links

A github account is required for this to work. Memory will store links in a dedicated repository and generate the view into the gh_pages branch.


Initialize a repository

  1. git co memory && cd memory
  2. cp templates/.memoryrc ~/, edit the .memoryrc file to make it correspond to your needs and add source it in .bash_profile (or wherever you please)
  3. memory_store "My first memory"
    • At this point a git repository will be created at the location specified in .memoryrc
  4. Create an empty github repository. Let's say it's located under github_username/github_repo_name
  5. memory_github_assoc github_username github_repo_name
  6. memory_generate_view
  7. memory_push

Use the repository on a different machine

  1. git co memory && cd memory
  2. cp templates/.memoryrc ~/, edit and source
  3. memory_github_retrieve github_username github_repo_name


  • Make the default generated view usable
  • Simplify the initialisation process