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AnotherSteempress Wordpress Plugin


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=== AnotherSteempress ===
Contributors: dm42net, howofr, fredrikaa
Tags: Steem,Steemit,Wordpress,monetization,blockchain
Requires at least: 4.7.0
Tested up to: 4.9.4
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Stable tag: trunk

Publish your WordPress articles to the Steem blockchain.

== Description ==

AnotherSteempress is a (another) wordpress plugin that allows you to publish your articles on the steem blockchain. It gives you more control over your workflow than other solutions by allowing you to select which articles will be published, review the finished look of your posts before publishing them to the blockchain, and AnotherSteempress permits each user on your WORDPRESS site to use their own credentials to post to the STEEM blockchain.

Features :

- Selective article posting to STEEM
- Multiple STEEM accounts per Wordpress Blog
- Custom HTML template for content posted to STEEM.
- Link back from STEEM to your blog 
- Use custom tags for each post with default tags if none are defined.
- TEST your posts for formatting and appearance before posting live (requires creation of a TestNET account).


STEEM is a social media blockchain.  Posting, voting and commenting on the STEEM platform earns rewards in the form of STEEM tokens, a cryptocurrency that can be traded with anyone with no transaction costs and VERY LOW transaction times.  You can follow the value of a steem token here : [](


The STEEM blockchain can offer another audience for your content and gives you an alternative to the advertising based monitization strategy. As a permanent blockchain, it isn't susceptible to censorship or centralized control. Also, rewards earned also gain you an entrance to the world of crypto-currency without the hassle of fiat conversion and other headaches.


The STEEM platform has a great community and seeks to keep the quality of the site high.  If you know about SEO, you know that search engines penalize sites that have content duplicated in various places online.  So plagarism, content spam, and other such activities are not "victimeless" for the STEEM community.  Those who engage in these activities hurt the value of not only the STEEM platform, but also decrease the value of the STEEM crypto-currency.

In an effort to avoid this, some community members have established systems which check for duplicate content and will inform the rest of the community which may impact whether others upvote and comment.  Since upvoting and commenting is the basis for earning on STEEM, this is something you will be concerned about.

There are a few guidelines to help avoid getting put on notice.  And the group is good about responding to "false positives."  But it is something to be aware of.

This is one reason that AnotherSteempress does not automatically publish every Wordpress post to the STEEM blockchain.  While we strongly believe there is a place for cross-posting your content, we also want to see the success of the STEEM platform and don't want it simply exploited in the short term.

More information about CHEETAH can be found in a their [FAQ about Cheetah]( post from a few months ago.

== Installation ==

You can install AnotherSteempress like any other plugin using your plugin page.  However, to begin posting to the STEEM blockchain, you will need to create a STEEM account.  You can create an account on the primary gateway for Steem at [](  Please note, account validation can take a few days and the authors of AnotherSteempress have no control over that process.

You can begin testing AnotherSteempress before you get your live STEEM username and password by creating a username and password on the [Steem Testnet](  Currently this process takes a little technical knowhow.  We are looking at ways that this may be made easier in the future.

Once you have your STEEM account, you will need to log in to []( and retrieve your private posting key.  If you want all editors to use the same STEEM account to post to the blockchain, you will enter this into the Plugin Settings page for AnotherSteempress.  Each editor may also enter their own STEEM account on their user profile page.  Valid accounts are presented on the Edit page once an article has been posted to your WordPress site.

The process is simliar for your Steem Testnet account, except you will log into the [Testnet condenser]( instead of

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Answers to questions related to STEEM can be found at: [](

Questions related to AnotherSteempress can be sent to us through the (Support interface on[].


AnotherSteempress Wordpress Plugin



GPL-2.0, GPL-2.0 licenses found

Licenses found






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