Configuration files.
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.emacs.d.vanilla Emacs: Add a vanilla configuration Aug 22, 2013
.emacs.d [emacs] Update rust snippets Aug 25, 2014
.irssi irssi auto formatting Jan 28, 2011
.vim [vim] Delete solarized colorscheme Jan 20, 2017
vendor [vim] Add powerline/fonts submodule Dec 11, 2014
.ackrc [ack] Ignore log dir by default Aug 25, 2014
.bashrc Move common shell configurations into .shrc and source from .bashrc/.… Mar 17, 2012
.clang-format [clang-format] Tweak some options Jan 21, 2017
.ctags ctags: Parse .clj files as Lisp Dec 12, 2012
.gitconfig [git] Add github username to .gitconfig Jun 18, 2015
.gitexcludes Git: Ignore emacs unsaved buffer files Jun 8, 2013
.gitignore [vim] Ignore the whole bundle directory Aug 25, 2014
.gitmodules [vim] Add powerline/fonts submodule Dec 11, 2014
.gvimrc [vim] Config for windows development Jun 15, 2016
.inputrc bash: add .inputrc Sep 10, 2011
.irbrc irb: always use simple prompt Mar 10, 2011
.racketrc add .racketrc Aug 22, 2011
.screenrc don't show screen startup message Dec 27, 2010
.shrc [vim] Add some rust stuff Jun 16, 2016
.slate [slate] Tweak multi-window Chrome config Jul 24, 2014
.sqliterc add .sqliterc Aug 26, 2011
.tigrc [tig] Customize main view and remove cruft Jul 24, 2014
.tmux.conf Ensure tmux uses a login zsh for the shell Nov 3, 2011
.vimrc [vim] Functions for dark and light colorschemes Jan 20, 2017
.zshrc [shell] Update z path Dec 11, 2014
README initial commit Dec 26, 2010 compatibility with older versions of bash: [ instead of [[ Jul 20, 2011
weechat_conf.txt [weechat] Use SASL for freenode May 19, 2016


Configuration files, including bash environment, vim configuration, and screen

Also included is a script that will create symlinks from the HOME directory to
where these configuration files are stored.

I use this to quickly set up and share environments across machines.