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# Config
config windowHintsFontSize 100
config nudgePercentOf screenSize
config resizePercentOf screenSize
config windowHintsTopLeftX (windowSizeX/2)-(windowHintsWidth/2)
config windowHintsTopLeftY (windowSizeY/2)-(windowHintsHeight/2)
config windowHintsIgnoreHiddenWindows false
# General aliases
alias sox screenOriginX
alias soy screenOriginY
alias ssx screenSizeX
alias ssy screenSizeY
# Position aliases
alias centered ${sox}+${ssx}/8;${soy}+${ssy}/8 ${ssx}/8*6;${ssy}/8*6
alias fullscreen ${sox};${soy} ${ssx};${ssy}
alias leftHalf ${sox};${soy} ${ssx}/2;${ssy}
alias bottomHalf ${sox};${soy}+${ssy}/2 ${ssx};${ssy}/2
alias topHalf ${sox};${soy} ${ssx};${ssy}/2
alias rightHalf ${sox}+${ssx}/2;${soy} ${ssx}/2;${ssy}
alias topLeftQuarter ${sox};${soy} ${ssx}/2;${ssy}/2
alias topRightQuarter ${sox}+${ssx}/2;${soy} ${ssx}/2;${ssy}/2
alias bottomLeftQuarter ${sox};${soy}+${ssy}/2 ${ssx}/2;${ssy}/2
alias bottomRightQuarter ${sox}+${ssx}/2;${soy}+${ssy}/2 ${ssx}/2;${ssy}/2
# Application aliases
alias adiumContacts3 move ${sox};${soy} ${ssx}/10;${ssy} 0
alias adiumChat3 move ${topLeftQuarter} 0
alias chromePrat3 move ${rightHalf} 0
# 1 monitor layout
layout oneScreen 'Adium':TITLE_ORDER='Contacts' move ${sox};${soy} ${ssx}/9;${ssy}
layout oneScreen 'Spotify' move ${fullscreen}
layout oneScreen 'Google Chrome' move ${fullscreen}
layout threeScreen 'MacVim' move ${rightHalf}
layout threeScreen 'iTerm' move ${leftHalf}
# 3 monitor layout
layout threeScreen 'Adium':TITLE_ORDER='Contacts' ${adiumContacts3} | ${adiumChat3}
layout threeScreen 'Spotify' move ${fullscreen} 0
layout threeScreen 'TextMate' move ${rightHalf} 0
layout threeScreen 'Google Chrome':TITLE_ORDER='prat' ${chromePrat3} | move ${rightHalf} 2
layout threeScreen 'MacVim' move ${fullscreen} 1
layout threeScreen 'iTerm' move ${leftHalf} 2
# Bindings
bind g:ctrl;alt move ${centered}
bind o:ctrl;alt move ${fullscreen}
bind h:ctrl;alt move ${leftHalf}
bind j:ctrl;alt move ${bottomHalf}
bind k:ctrl;alt move ${topHalf}
bind l:ctrl;alt move ${rightHalf}
bind u:ctrl;alt move ${topLeftQuarter}
bind i:ctrl;alt move ${topRightQuarter}
bind n:ctrl;alt move ${bottomLeftQuarter}
bind m:ctrl;alt move ${bottomRightQuarter}
bind ;:ctrl;alt throw previous
bind /:ctrl;alt hint ASDFJKLGHWERTYUIO
bind 1:ctrl;alt layout oneScreen
bind 3:ctrl;alt layout threeScreen
bind right:ctrl;alt resize +10% +0
bind left:ctrl;alt resize -10% +0
bind up:ctrl;alt resize +0 -10%
bind down:ctrl;alt resize +0 +10%
bind right:ctrl;alt nudge +10% +0
bind left:ctrl;alt nudge -10% +0
bind up:ctrl;alt nudge +0 -10%
bind down:ctrl;alt nudge +0 +10%
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