Angular mentions for text fields.
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Angular Mentions

Simple Angular mentions inspired by

Click here for a Demo

Provides auto-complete suggestions for @mentions in text input fields, text areas, and content editable fields. Not fully browser tested and comes without warranty!

To install and start the demo application:

git clone
cd angular-mentions
npm install
ng serve


Add the package as a dependency to your project using:

npm install --save angular-mentions

Add the CSS to your index.html:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">

Add the module to your app.module imports:

import { MentionModule } from 'angular-mentions/mention';

    imports: [ MentionModule ],

Add the [mention] directive to your input element:

<input type="text" [mention]="items">

Where items is a string array of the items to suggest. For example:

items: string[] = ["Noah", "Liam", "Mason", "Jacob", ...

Configuration Options

The following optional configuration items can be used.

Option Default Description
items An array of strings or objects to suggest.
triggerChar @ The character that will trigger the menu behavior.
labelKey label The field to be used as the item label (when the items are objects).
disableSort false Disable sorting of suggested items.
disableSearch false Disable internal filtering (only useful if async search is used).
dropUp false Show the menu above the cursor instead of below.
maxItems Limit the number of items shown in the text. The default is no limit.
mentionSelect An optional function to format the selected item before inserting the text.

For Example:

<input type="text" [mention]="items" [mentionConfig]="{triggerChar:'#',maxItems:10,labelKey:'name'}">

Output Events

  • (searchTerm)="" event emitted whenever the search term changes. Can be used to trigger async search.

Alternative Usage

The component can also be used by only specifying the mentionConfig object:

<input type="text" [mentionConfig]="mentionConfig">

With the following structure:

let mentionConfig = {
    items: [ "Noah", "Liam", "Mason", "Jacob", ... ],
    triggerChar: "@",

In this way, multiple config objects can be used:

let mentionConfig = {
    mentions: [
            items: [ "Noah", "Liam", "Mason", "Jacob", ... ],
            triggerChar: '@'
            items: [ "Red", "Yellow", "Green", ... ],
            triggerChar: '#'

This allows different lists and trigger characters to be configured.

Note that becuase objects are mutable, changes to the items within the config will not be picked up unless a new mentionConfig object is created.