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Dustin Machi
Dustin Machi committed Aug 14, 2010
1 parent 1baedbc commit d2fd7727a4611fc2a6a051572e1f09a6cfcba73f
@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@
[submodule "packages/perstore"]
path = packages/perstore
url =
-[submodule "packages/perstore"]
- path = packages/perstore
+[submodule "packages/pintura"]
+ path = packages/pintura
url =
[submodule "packages/promised-io"]
path = packages/promised-io
@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@
[submodule "packages/tunguska"]
path = packages/tunguska
url =
-[submodule "packages/wiky"]
- path = packages/wiky
+[submodule "packages/wiki"]
+ path = packages/wiki
url =
[submodule "example"]
path = example
Submodule example added at 1d0d59
Submodule commonjs-utils added at fdb5d4
Submodule jack added at 8c7492
Submodule jsgi-node added at 3b3307
Submodule multi-node added at 4b78aa
Submodule narcissus added at 5f1ee3
Submodule narwhal added at 2b46cd
Submodule node added at 49cd21
Submodule nodules added at f6a806
Submodule patr added at 2e8f47
Submodule persevere added at 21c873
Submodule perstore added at 1aae50
Submodule pintura added at 8d4374
Submodule promised-io added at 98ab25
Submodule rql added at e66e36
Submodule templify added at bcc38a
Submodule transporter added at 43bf36
Submodule tunguska added at 878721
Submodule wiki added at d3cc62
Submodule template added at f1030d

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