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An interactive version of the classic 'Portia's Caskets' logic puzzle. See this blog post for additional details.

Generating puzzle data

Ensuring that the directory /portia/data is created and writable, the puzzle data is generated by running the Python script portia.py in the build directory.

> python portia.py

Expected output is:

Generating Portia I data.
 --- creating file ../data/portia1.json
generated 348 puzzles
 --- completed writing out Portia I data.
Generating Portia II data.
 --- creating file ../data/portia2.json
generated 16152 puzzles
 --- completed writing out Portia II data.
Generating Portia III data.
 --- creating file ../data/portia3.json
generated 3600 puzzles
 --- completed writing out Portia III data.

Each puzzle type has its own format:

Portia 1

  "caskets": [1,2,2],
  "truths": 0,
  "solution": 3,
  "position": "min",
  "id": "portia1-20"

Portia 2

  "caskets": [[1,1,3],[-1,-3,-3]],
  "truths": [1,0,1],
  "solution": 3,
  "id": "portia2-358"

Portia 3

  "caskets": [[1,1,2],[3,1,-2]],
  "truths": [0. 0, 0],
  "solution": 3,
  "id": "portia3-24"

Solving the Puzzles

You can interact with the puzzles using the page index.html, a live version of the page is found here.