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My homepage with org-mode


This setup based on org-mode aims to replace my previous Jekyll setup used to publish my site.


For details about the implementation see the introductory post and the \faGithub Source.


  • Posts go into posts/ Preferably in their own subdirectory together with all their assets (self-contained)
  • Tutorials go in tutorials/, as they are rendered (for now) with the readtheorg theme

To generate:

$ make

The output site will be rendered in public/.

RSS Feeds

I am documenting this part because it is complicated and I tend to forget how it works everytime something breaks.

  • Each export block in the project translates the full site, file by file, to another format (taking into account excludes, includes) As we have very different settings for the posts than we have for tutorials, we have different entries in the project for translating each subset.
  • Sitemaps allow to generate a map of all converted files in a single org file. Eg. a sitemap in posts, will generate an org file with a list of links to all posts. This is particularly useful for the rss exporter.
  • We have an export entry in the project that goes over __posts/_, takes a dummy export function, but generates a sitemap. This allows us to end with a file without really exporting anything.
  • Then we use another entry in the project, that uses the RSS exporter, including only in order to generate rss.xml
  • Now, the default sitemap function generates something like:
    * Entries
      - [[One entry][http://link]]
      - [[Second entry][http://link]]

    Those will not be exported correctly to a list of links. Only the headline will be exported in the RSS file.

    * [[One entry][http://link]]
    * [[Second entry][http://link]]
  • By default, the link will reference the file where the link appears. Something like

    To change this we use org-rss-use-entry-url-as-guid and set the RSS_PERMALINK property of the headline when generating the sitemap. The RSS exporter will then use the property for the <link> tag content.

  • The custom entry formatter adds a headline to a temp buffer and then uses org-set-property to set the custom properties.
  • The sitemap function uses org-list-to-generic to create a list of headlines without adding a star, as it will be added by the entry function.



When the site was generated using Jekyll, posts where generated in the /:year/:month/:day/:id.html route. In order to generate a redirect page, use the following keyword to generate a redirect page:

#+REDIRECT_FROM /old/url/index.html


To hide a post from the list of recent posts or the full archive, use:


Note that the post will still be published, but you will need to access it by its URL directly.


The code used for generating the site is licensed under the MIT license.

The content of the site, Copyright (©) 2014-2019 {{{author}}}.