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Library of ASCII character representations using 7 segment, 14 segment, and 16 segment LED displays


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Segmented LED Display - ASCII Library

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This repository contains integer literals for displaying ASCII characters on 7 segment, 14 segment, and 16 segment LED displays.

I needed a set of 16 segment and 7 segment ASCII characters for a project, but I couldn't find a readily-available library. I'm sharing my own character patterns so others won't have this problem.

Each character set covers all visible ASCII characters, starting at 32 ('space') and ending at 127 ('del'). Segments are ordered sequentially.

16 Segment

All Sixteen-Segment Characters

Sixteen-segment characters require 17 bits each (16 segments + the decimal point). I've also included a "No Decimal Point" (NDP) set which only requires 16 bits per character. The only other character difference is for '.' which has the display point moved to segment 'R'.

14 Segment

All Fourteen-Segment Characters

Fourteen-segment characters require 15 bits each (14 segments + the decimal point). Many of these are 1:1 with their 16-segment counterparts, with changes only where a single horizontal edge segment was used.

7 Segment

All Seven-Segment Characters

Seven-segment characters require 8 bits each (7 segments + the decimal point). It's more difficult to display certain characters with the limited segments - some require context and a bit of imagination.

Segment Order

LED Segment Legend

For each set the segments are ordered sequentially. Bit '0' corresponds to segment 'A', bit '1' corresponds to segment 'B', and so-on. Here are the ordered segments for each display:

  • 16 Segment: DP-U-T-S-R-P-N-M-K-H-G-F-E-D-C-B-A
  • 14 Segment: DP-N-M-L-K-J-H-G2-G1-F-E-D-C-B-A
  • 7 Segment: DP-G-F-E-D-C-B-A

Use the above image as reference for the segment names and positions.

Issues / Contributions

If you have a suggestion on how to improve a character or if you see a mistake in the repository, please create an issue.


The segmented character representations and their associated integer literals are licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

All included reference images are licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.


Library of ASCII character representations using 7 segment, 14 segment, and 16 segment LED displays








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