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Capture azure-cli help output and recursively crawl all help commands for
subgroups. Help commands are printed to console. Typical usage:
c:> python > azhelp.txt
import subprocess
import sys
def getcommands(helpcmd):
"""Recursively crawl all subgroups, starting from specified help command.
Passed command assumed to end with -h. For example, 'az vm -h'
indentation = 4 * (len(helpcmd.split(' ')) - 3)
print(indentation*' ' + helpcmd)
stdoutdata = subprocess.getoutput(helpcmd) # capture help command output
subgroups = False # flag to track whether inside the subgroup section
for line in stdoutdata.split('\n'):
if line.strip() == 'Subgroups:':
subgroups = True # found start of subgroup section
continue # skip the 'Subgroups:' line
if not subgroups:
continue # skip all lines before subgroup section
if subgroups and (not line.strip() or line.lstrip() == line):
break # blank or non-indented line is end of subgroup section
subhelp = subcommand(helpcmd, line) # create help command for subgroup
getcommands(subhelp) # enumerate help commands for this subgroup
def subcommand(helpcmd, line):
"""Return a help command for a subgroup.
helpcmd = an Azure CLI help command (e.g., 'az vm -h')
line = line of text beginning with a subgroup
(e.g., 'create : Create an Azure Virtual Machine.')
Returns the command for getting help on this subgroup
(e.g., 'az vm create -h')
# sometimes need to remove trailing ':'
subgroup = line.strip().split(' ')[0].rstrip(':')
# create list of arguments before the -h
rootcommand = helpcmd.split(' ')[:-1]
# add this subgroup and -h
rootcommand.extend([subgroup, '-h'])
return ' '.join(rootcommand) # re-assemble into a help command string
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) == 2:
# a help command was passed on command line, so use that
# default: start at top-level help command for Azure CLI
getcommands('az -h')