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# ===============================================================================
# I saw a script on creative crash a few months ago.
# Decided to write my script to do something similar as an academic study.
# Suggested usage:
# - For any animated object, you can select points (mesh vertexes)
# - This script will run through your timeline and cache all the point
# positions per frame on the timeline. once it's done collecting
# points, it will generate a curve per point you had selected.
# Kind of useful for generating interesting curves/paths for use in FX/CFX
# Shortcoming: Might not work on geometry that has namespaces.
import maya.cmds as cmds
def DM_plotCurve(DM_sel = None):
if not DM_sel:
DM_sel =
DM_reviseSel = []
for DM_item in DM_sel:
if DM_item.find(':') != -1: # prevents namespaces from working.
DM_range = DM_item.rpartition('[')[2].rstrip(']')
DM_first, DM_last = int(DM_range.split(':')[0]), int(DM_range.split(':')[1])
DM_iterPoint = DM_first
DM_preamble = DM_item.rpartition('[')[0]
while DM_iterPoint <= DM_last:
DM_entry = '%s[%d]' % (DM_preamble, DM_iterPoint)
DM_iterPoint += 1
DM_pointDict = {}
minTimeRange = int(cmds.playbackOptions(query=True, minTime=True))
maxTimeRange = int(cmds.playbackOptions(query=True, maxTime=True))
for DM_point in DM_reviseSel:
DM_pointDict[DM_point] = []
for time in range(minTimeRange, (maxTimeRange+1)):
for DM_point in DM_reviseSel:
DM_pointPOS = cmds.pointPosition(DM_point, world=True)
DM_resultCRVs = []
for DM_key in DM_pointDict.keys():
DM_pointList = DM_pointDict[DM_key]
DM_pointCRV = cmds.curve(degree=3, point=DM_pointList)
return DM_resultCRVs
# DM_plotCurve()