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Build Status

What is it?

HaCh is a simple **Ch**at written in **Ha**skell. It consists of 3 separate programs:

  • hach-server

  • hach-client

  • hach-nclient

It uses Chans via sockets for message broadcasting and vty terminal GUI library for a client interface.

What it was written for?

It was written as an example of solving the following specification:

Write a command-line program to send a message from one client to another
using the server. The client should be able to send messages with some specific
code, server should resend these messages like a messages from a third person.

How to install?

cabal install

By default this will install 3 executables files in ~/.cabal/bin/ dir. Prefix could be set by --prefix option.

How to use?

Run hach-client on the server side.

Run hach-client -s SERVER_IP -n NICK to join chat via simple console client or hach-nclient -s SERVER_IP -n NICK for vty-client.

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