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Another planet from the dotfiles universe

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World of configuration files managed by biegunka.

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What is it?

This is biegunka-powered repository containing my configuration files. It has nice mechanism for maintain many working environments with different configurations.

Why biegunka?

Usual script sucks when number of working environments that should be maintained is more than 1. Simple scripts sucks when you want to synchronize git repositories regulary. All these reinvent-the-wheel scripts suck when you want to clean all shit out of your system, that your installation script produced.

Chef and chef-solo could be helpful here with all these recipes and roles power, but I'm too lazy for writing a cookbook for every application that I have.

biegunka could be used not just for dummy copying files to specific directories, but for syncing git or darcs repositories. It is quite usable when you have many repositories and almost die of boredom updating them every day. It could be successfully done by another sh script, but biegunka offers nice readable declarative syntax and beatiful methods to formalize all that logic nicely.

How I'm using it?

dotfiles is a simple cabal package. So, at first, it should be compiled to something executable:

$> cabal install biegunka/dotfiles.cabal

And now dotfiles executable is ready to go:

$> dotfiles
Usage: dotfiles (--x220 | --macBookPro) ([--run] | [--safe-run] | [--full] | [--dry-run] | [--check])

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --x220                   Use x220 settings
  --macBookPro             Use macBookPro settings
  --run                    Do real run
  --safe-run               Do real run (after confirmation)
  --full                   Do dry run, real run (after confirmation) and then check results
  --dry-run                Do only dry run, do not touch anything
  --check                  Compare current filesystem state against script

Currenty there is only one active laptop managed by biegunka - x220 (this name is used as identifier for each of the Environments). I'm updating my github:dotfiles repository from time to time, and biegunka helps here that each of working station could have up to date configuration.

Dotfiles installation with x220 profile:

$> dotfiles --x220 --run

--dry-run flag shows what biegunka gonna install:

$> dotfiles --x220 --dry-run
update git source at /home/m/projects/dmalikov/dotfiles
  /home/m/.ackrc is a copy of /home/m/projects/dmalikov/dotfiles/configs/ack/ackrc
update git source at /home/m/projects/dmalikov/dotfiles
  /home/m/.xmonad/xmonad.hs is copied with substituted templates from /home/m/projects/dmalikov/dotfiles/configs/xmonad/xmonad.hs.template
update git source at /home/m/projects/dmalikov/dotfiles
  /home/m/.xmonad/xmobar-top.hs is a copy of /home/m/projects/dmalikov/dotfiles/configs/xmonad/xmobar-top.hs
  /home/m/.xmonad/xmobar.hs is a copy of /home/m/projects/dmalikov/dotfiles/configs/xmonad/xmobar.hs
  /home/m/.xmobarrc is a copy of /home/m/projects/dmalikov/dotfiles/configs/xmonad/xmobarrc

This is a full log of what biegunka is preparing to do. It is kinda usable when you're managing some important files or it is a first biegunka run on experementative machine.

There is another useful command named check:

$> dotfiles --x220 --check
[localhost] ( update git source at /home/m/.vim/bundle/surround
[localhost] ( update git source at /home/m/.vim/bundle/neco-ghc
[localhost] ( update git source at /home/m/.vim/bundle/coq
[localhost] ( update git source at /home/m/.vim/bundle/coquille
[localhost] ( update git source at /home/m/.vim/bundle/bufsync

So this verify command force biegunka to check that all actions defined in Profiles is done. --verify and --pretend options could be used the same time.

How it works?

dotfiles package consist of Main.hs, Profiles.hs and `Environment/' modules.

Main.hs is a main module. It contains a very important TH call

makeOptionParser ''Environment

which automatically generate all necessary cmdline options and stuff.

  (env, r) <- optionsParser
  case env of
    X220 -> r (set root "~" . set templates (hStringTemplate X220.settings)) X220.profiles

profiles is a variable of :: Script Sources () type. It contains all information about what profiles will be installed.

Profiles.hs file contains all profiles that I have. Here is example of xmonad profile:

profile_xmonad :: Script Sources ()
profile_xmonad = do
  profile "xmonad/xmonad.hs" $
    dotfiles $
      substitute "configs/xmonad/xmonad.hs.template" ".xmonad/xmonad.hs"
  profile "xmonad/xmobar" $ do
    git "" "projects/dmalikov/xmobar-usable" $
      shell "cabal install --flags=\"all_extensions\""
    dotfiles $ do
      copy "configs/xmonad/xmobar.hs" ".xmonad/xmobar.hs"
      shell "ghc -O2 ${HOME}/.xmonad/xmobar.hs -o ${HOME}/.xmonad/xmobar -fforce-recomp"

dotfiles is a function stands for a link to my dotfile repository:

dotfiles :: Script Actions () -> Script Sources ()
dotfiles as = git' "" "projects/dmalikov/dotfiles" $ def & actions .~ as

copy action take given file and put it to the specific place.

substitute action do the same thing but with completing all template variables for template.

settings is a variable of :: Template type. It contains all necessary template variables that completes all templates holes.

There are 2 environments in Environment directory. Each environment specifies actions and template variables for completing templates hole.

For example, suppose I need to have and git options in ~/.gitconfig file only in one environment. gitconfig template looks like that:

    name = $template.git.user_name$
    email = $template.git.user_email$

X220 environment contains definition for these template placeholders:

settings :: Template
settings = def
  { git = def
    { set_user = True
    , user_name = "Dmitry Malikov"
    , user_email = ""

git profiles has these call:

substitute "configs/git/config.template" ".gitconfig"

So it produces [user] part of gitconfig only for X220 environment:

    name = Dmitry Malikov
    email =
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