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sb Utility
Just like text mates wonderful mate . command just type sb . and you'll get your sublime`in on.

## Installation
1. First make sure that the bash script, the file sb exactly references your name of your sublime text. What is meant
by this is that perhaps your sublimetext editor was named sublime-hasselhoff then accordingly you would need to edit
the bash script as such

	open -a "sublime-hasselhoff" "$@"

2. Place file in a folder that the path sees. To check what your path looks at just type the following.
	echo $PATH

Take the sb file and copy it to one of the folders list in the output of the command above. It has a colon
delimitted list of fodlers that the path looks for binaries in.

3. Make it exectuable. 
So...all thats left is to make the permissions correct. 

Run The Following Command:
Note This is with the assumption that the user has chosen to place the sb utility in /usr/bin

	 sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/sb

4. Enjoy.