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PlayFOP Labels (Scala)

PlayFOP Labels is a sample Play Framework application for PlayFOP and Apache FOP. It demonstrates generating PDFs and images (PNGs) from Play Twirl templates.

This is the Scala version of PlayFOP Labels.

A Java version of PlayFOP Labels with equivalent functionality is also available.

Running PlayFOP Labels

The simplest way to run PlayFOP Labels is to start sbt and enter run. You can also deploy it separate from sbt.

If you wish to access PlayFOP Labels via a hostname other than localhost, you may need to configure the AllowedHostsFilter.

PlayFOP Labels supports the following optional configuration settings, passed via -D on application startup or placed in application.conf:

  • about.page.addl.info: The name and path of an HTML file whose contents should be added to the About page.

  • font.family.exclusion.regex: A regular expression indicating the font families that should be excluded from the Design page's drop-down list.

    Note: The application excludes font families whose names match any portion of the regular expression. To exclude only names against which the regex fully matches, apply ^ and $ anchor characters to the regex.

  • initial.font.family: The font family that should be initially chosen on the Design page.