Handlebars and Mustache template support for Intellij IDEA platform IDEs
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Handlebars/Mustache template plugin for JetBrains IDEs

IDEA-Handlebars adds support for Handlebars and Mustache templates to IDEs based on the Intellij IDEA platform (IntelliJ IDEA, IDEA Community Edition, RubyMine, PhpStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, AppCode).

Handlebars/Mustache editing screenshot

JetBrains plugin repository page

Handlebars/Mustache is now an official plugin!



To install the latest release (and get automatic updates), install this plugin using your IDE's plugin manager:

  • In Settings->Plugins, choose "Browse repositories". Find "Handlebars/Mustache" on the list, right-click, then select "Download and Install"

By default, the plugin handles *.handlebars, *.hbs and *.mustache files. Configure other file patterns in Settings->File Types



Contributions are welcome at the plugin's new home!