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Handlebars and Mustache template support for Intellij IDEA platform IDEs
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IDEA-Handlebars: An Intellij IDEA plug-in for Handlebars templates

IDEA-Handlebars adds support for Handlebars templates Intellij IDEA 10.5

The key feature of this early version of the plugin is that it allows most of the power of the built-in IDEA HTML editing utilities to be used with Handlebars syntax inserted in the markup. Future versions will build out more Handlebars-specific utilites.


  • Configurable syntax highlighting for Handlebars code
  • Matched mustache pair highlighting
  • Full HTML highlighting, code-completion, inspections, formatting and commenting for the HTML content in your Handlebars templates
  • Since Handlebars is a super-set of Mustache syntax, this plugin should greatly improve IDEA's editing experience for Mustache templates too
  • By default, files with the ".handlebars", ".hbs" or ".mustache" extensions are handled by this plugin

Not yet implemented

  • Handlebars-specific syntax-error highlighting
  • Find usages, Go-to declaration, etc. for references
  • Support for Handlebars templates embedded in script tags in html files


  • This branch contains the IDEA 10.5 compatible version of this plugin. See master branch for Intellij IDEA 11.
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