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Handlebars and Mustache template support for Intellij IDEA platform IDEs
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Handlebars/Mustache template plugin for Jetbrains IDEs

IDEA-Handlebars adds support for Handlebars and Mustache templates to IDEs based on the Intellij IDEA platform (IntelliJ IDEA, IDEA Community Edition, RubyMine, PhpStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, AppCode).

Jetbrains plugin repository page

NEW: Template any language, Code folding

The latest release adds the ability to template any language and support for code folding for mustache blocks


  • To install the latest release (and get automatic updates), install this plugin using your IDE's plugin manager:
    • In Settings->Plugins, choose "Browse repositories". Find "Handlebars/Mustache" on the list, right-click, and select "Download and Install"


  • Syntax error inspections
  • Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Template formatter
  • Code folding for mustache blocks
  • Auto-insert of closing tags
  • Matched mustache pair highlighting
  • Full highlighting, code completion, inspections, formatting and commenting for the content in your templates (by default HTML, configurable in Settings->Template Data Languages and Settings->File Types)
  • By default, files matching *.handlebars, *.hbs or *.mustache are handled by this plugin. Configure other file patterns in Settings->File Types

Future directions

  • See the pulls and issues for a preview of in-progress and planned features


Contributions welcome!

There's a variety of ways you can help this project out:

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