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A utility to post changes to kubernetes deployments to Slack
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A utility to post changes to kubernetes deployments to Slack. Developed particularly for use with flux but can be used with any Kubernetes set-up. Tested with EKS 1.12 and K3S (Kubernetes 1.14)

What does it do?

It listens to kubernetes deployment states and is interested when:

  1. Any kubernetes deployment is rolling out a new version
  2. If a kubernetes deployment is not healthy (Ready replicas is less than expected replicas)

It posts nice dynamic status updates for the above to slack

Please don't use this to replace more mature monitoring tools (prometheus etc), this is for informational purposes only.

For early adopters

Check deploy/* for example manifests.

The following ENV variables are used:

  1. SLACK_TOKEN - A Slack Bot User OAuth Access Token - mandatory
  2. SLACK_CHANNEL - Slack channel, defaults to "#general"
  3. CLUSTER_NAME - this is prefixed for most messages on slack, defaults to "Kubernetes Cluster"
  4. PROGRESS_IMAGE, OK_IMAGE, WARNING_IMAGE - the URLs of images used for the slack notifications. Defaults to kinda ugly creative commons images, but does the job. (dont use SVGs I learned.)


Deployment Rollout

Rollout Slack Notification - in progress Rollout Slack Notification

Degraded deployment

Degraded Slack Notification

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