@dmarmor dmarmor released this Nov 3, 2016 · 58 commits to master since this release

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NOTE: If you're currently running version 2.1.13 or earlier, please read this note before updating!

This version changes the way Epichrome apps update themselves. They now attempt to update to the latest Epichrome engine before updating themselves to the latest version of Chrome. Doing it the other way around was causing problems if people had installed a current version of Epichrome but hadn't updated their apps before a new version of Chrome was installed. Thanks to gnyrd and everyone else who noticed and helped diagnose this problem.

This version also has brand-new icon-creation code, now able to handle JPG, GIF and other input file formats with indexed color or without alpha channels. And as a bonus, it also creates custom document icons based on the custom app icon. Thanks to io41 and freewind for identifying the shortcomings with the old icon code.