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yes, you can add some content to your robots.txt in production

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@@ -14,6 +14,13 @@ In any other way, you have to add the `Cylon::Rack` middleware to your applicati
use Cylon::Rack
run Your::App
## What about my robots.txt file in production ?
Whenever you are in production, cylon doesn't do anything. It just continues with the application.
So you can, inside of your application, render any content in your robots.txt if you want to disallow indexation for a file or directory.
In any other environment though, we won't call your application's methods for the robots.txt url. So you have to have ENV['RACK_ENV'] defined at "production" if you want to test your own robots.txt file.
## Contributing
If you think Cylon is great but can be improved, feel free to contribute. To do so, you can :

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