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No more executable since commit 451662c #16

bfontaine opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Since commit 451662c, there is no more executable, because the line s.executables = ["glynn"] has been removed. I've fixed the issue in my fork (which I made to add support for a separate file to store username/password).


Damn it, I forgot it.
Could you open a pull request with your commit please ?


Yes, but my commit has been made after another (which added support for a .ftp_auth YAML file in which ftp username/password are defined, which is usefull when your _config.yml file is on Github and you don"t want to show your username/password to everyone), so you would have to accept the pull request, and revert the other commit.


You can create a new branch from the main repository/master, cherry-pick the new commit and push the new branch.
Then the pull request you'll open will have only this new commit, as it's branch doesn't includes your other change.

I like this idea of .ftp_auth file though. If it's tested, you can perhaps do an other pull request for that too :)

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