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Jesus is a web interface to god It allows you to see the process and monitor/unmonitor them.

Jesus Screenshot


To install the application you first need to have bundler installed on your machine. Once that is done, clone the project in the directory of your choice.

git clone git://

Then you should install the dependencies.

gem bundle

You now have Jesus available on your machine. Start your god process. And start Jesus.

god -c /path/to/your/god.config

Note: Jesus and God should be started with the same user. Otherwise, Jesus won't be able to get access to the God informations.

Go to localhost:9292 to watch the process monitored by god.


If you think Jesus is great but can be improved, feel free to contribute. To do so, you can :

  • Fork the project
  • Do your changes and commit them to your repository
  • Test your changes. We won't accept any untested contributions (except if they're not testable).
  • Create an issue with a link to your commits.

And that's it! We'll soon take a look at your issue and review your changes.

Author and Credits

Damien MATHIEU :: 42 (AT|CHEZ)

The interface's design is freely inspired by resque's web interface.