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-export([start_link/0, start_socket/0]).
start_link() ->
supervisor:start_link({local, ?MODULE}, ?MODULE, []).
init([]) ->
lager:debug("Starting TCP server on port ~p", [say_config:get_port()]),
{ok, ListenSocket} = gen_tcp:listen(say_config:get_port(), [binary, {active,true}]),
spawn_link(fun empty_listeners/0),
{ok, { {simple_one_for_one, 60, 3600},
{say_tcp_server, {say_tcp_server, start_link, [ListenSocket]}, temporary, 1000, worker, [say_tcp_server]}
} }.
start_socket() ->
supervisor:start_child(?MODULE, []).
%% Start with 20 listeners so that many multiple connections can
%% be started at once, without serialization. In best circumstances,
%% a process would keep the count active at all times to insure nothing
%% bad happens over time when processes get killed too much.
empty_listeners() ->
[start_socket() || _ <- lists:seq(1,20)],