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A keyboard input capturing utility in which any key can be a modifier key.

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Version 2.0.1

Keypress is a robust keyboard input capturing Javascript utility focused on input for games. For details and documentation, please visit

Copyright 2014 David Mauro released under the Apache License, version 2.0

What's new


  • Fixed a big ole bug with meta/cmd combos. Thanks to lexey111. Issue #29.
  • Fixed a bug with the Windows key being released on Windows systems. Issue #27.


  • Keypress now has a listener class that must be instantiated. The functions that were previously in the global window.keypress object are now public methods of the window.keypress.Listener class.
  • Each instance of a Keypress listener can be bound to a DOM element by passing in the element to the listener's constructor.
  • Combos now default to being ordered (the property is now called is_unordered and is false by default).
  • Combos' handlers preventDefault unless the handler returns true.
  • The "combo" public method is now called "simple_combo".
  • The basic combo helpers for simple, counting and sequence combos no longer have a third prevent_default optional parameter.
  • Debugging console logs can be enabled by setting keypress.debug to true.
  • All key event callbacks send a third argument specifying whether the event is firing again automatically because the key has remained pressed down.


  • Fix escape key bug. Issue #17.
  • Fix unregister bug. Issue #24.


  • Ensure that on_release is called for all combos, not just counting combos.
  • Fix bug that was causing is_ordered to be ignored.
  • Fixed an edge case for a counting combo's count not being reset.
  • Improve how key events are bound


  • Fixed combo matching to prevent performance issues as more keys are pressed.


  • Fixed a bug with exclusive combos not properly excluding each other in some cases.
  • Feature added to allow for combos that do not fire if unrelated keys are also pressed ("is_solitary" boolean).


  • Put negative edge in sequences.
  • See if we can do away with keyup_fired and count properties.
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