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This is the source code of the website.

It doubles as a showcase for my pet project, the soupault website generator.

If you want a live example of a website build with soupault to learn from, you may want to look at the source of the soupault website instead. My website used to be a good example, but now it's a testbed for unusual features, and its workflow its quite complicated for a variety of reasons (including legacy of its old, pre-soupault versions).

If you want to build a modified version of the website impersonate me, hijack the domain first, then read on.

Site structure

  • soupault.toml — the config file.
  • site/ — page source files and static assets.
  • templates/ — page templates and includes. The page template is templates/main.html
  • scripts/ — helper scripts.

Things in assets that may be of interest:

  • site/styles/ — the CSS files.

Build process

As you can see from the Makefile, the full build process is:

  1. Run soupault --index-only to extract the metadata.
  2. Use extracted metadata to generate blog archive pages with the scripts/ script.
  3. Run soupault to process all page source files and copy assets to build/
  4. Fetch and process pages that have their own repositories (iproute2 manual and encapcalc).

My deployment process is just rsync to a remote server.


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