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This is the source code of the website.

It doubles as a showcase for my pet project, the soupault website generator.

If you are here to see what you can do with soupault and what the workflow looks like, read on.

If you want to build a modified version of the website impersonate me, hijack the domain first, then read on.

Site structure

  • soupault.conf — the config file.
  • site/ — page source files.
  • templates/ — page templates and includes. The page template is templates/main.html
  • assets/ — files that are not managed by soupault but copied unchanges. CSS, scripts, pics, downloads...
  • scripts/ — helper scripts.

Things in assets that may be of interest:

  • assets/styles/ — the CSS files.

Generally, the assets/ dir is a mess because a lot of the structure was moved from an old website in a way that keeps URLs the same. Link rot mitigation measures ain't pretty, but link rot itself is even worse.

Build process

As you can see from the Makefile, the full build process is:

  1. Run soupault. Generated pages end up in build/
  2. Copy assets/ to the build/ dir.
  3. That's all.

My deployment process is just rsync to a remote server.

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