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iproute2 cheatsheet

The ip command from Linux iproute2 package replaced the old ifconfig, vconfig etc. commands, however, its man pages don't really explain how to use it, and there was no definitive guide that would cover all or at least most of its functions.

This oversized cheatsheet aims to become such a guide. To help people start using it, it doesn't list features of iproute2, but rather lists common network administration tasks and explains how to perform them with iproute2.

Primary location and mirroring

The original and primary location of the document is http://baturin.org/docs/iproute2/

The page is bundled with all the JS and CSS it needs, so it's easy to mirror. If you decide to mirror it, please make sure to update it automatically from git to avoid creating outdated copies.


Patches are always welcome. If you want to fix a typo, improve grammar or wording, or document a previously undocumented feature, please open a pull request or email me a patch (use git format-patch please).

iproute2 cheatsheet itself and all contributions are licensed under CC-BY-SA.