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@dmbaturin dmbaturin released this Aug 1, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

New features

Back links in footnotes

Footnotes now include links back to the original location in the document for easier navigation.
It's possible to disable this and make footnote links one way with back_links = false widget option.

  widget = "footnotes"
  # No back links
  back_links = false
  # ...

Path regex options for widgets

It's now possible to limit widgets to page file paths matching a Perl-compatible regex.

  path_regex = "/foo(.*)"
  widget = "insert_html"
  selector = "body"
  html = '<p>This page name starts with foo!</p>'

Excluding pages from widgets

It's now possible to explicitly exclude pages from a widget using these options:

  • exclude_page
  • exclude_section
  • exclude_path_regex

For example:

  # No ToC on any page named "index"
  exclude_path_regex = '/index(\.*)'

Bug fixes

  • HTML tags inside headings are now preserved by the ToC widget and the auto-indexer.
  • Autoindex generator doesn't inadvertently remove nodes from the page anymore.

Platform support

Binaries for macOS are available.

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