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@dmbaturin dmbaturin released this Sep 29, 2019 · 135 commits to master since this release


  • [footnotes widget] New options link_id_prepend and back_link_id_append that allow you to create a separate "namespace" for footnote links.
  • [footnotes widget] More logical handling of ids: if a footnote element has an id, it's kept in place so that the footnote itself can be hotlinked using that id.
  • Invalid config options cause warning messages now, e.g. option "foo" is not valid for widget "title".
  • There's now spellchecking and suggestions for mistyped options, e.g. invalid option "backlinks", did you mean "back_links"?
  • AsciiDoc extension (.adoc) is now in the default page extensions list.
  • New Lua plugin functions for error reporting:, Log.warning, Log.error

Bug fixes

  • soupault --init generates correct page_file_extensions option in the default config now.
  • Incorrect config options no longer pass silently.
  • Useless "build directory doesn't exist" log message no longer appears when the build directory does exist.
  • Sample site config works properly with recent versions.


  • ppx_monadic library was replaced with more actively maintained ocaml-monadic.
  • Soupault can be built with OCaml up to the latest 4.09.0.

Verifying release files

You can verify the releases using my GPG key and attached .asc signature files.

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