Guides and Libraries for CoderDojo Arudino Robots
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Welcome to the CoderDojo Robot Documentation

Welcome to the CoderDojo Robot book! This book allows CoderDojo mentors to teach the concepts of Computer Science using an open low-cost $30 Arduino components. Because this is an open system, students may create many variations of these robots.

About This Book

This book was written by a group of CoderDojo mentors interested in teaching the fundamentals of Computer Science and Physical Computing using fun $25 robots. Our goal it to keep costs low enough so each person can purchase their own robot.


Our hardware is based an Arduino Nano that can be purchased on-line for under $3.
You will also need a chasis, a motor controller and two DC motors. Our base Robot platform uses the low-cost L293D motor controller.


We use the standard Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which usese a variation of the C programming language. We use this since software since it is by far the most popular language for teaching Arduino and basic robotics.

Building Your Own Robot

This book also has a guide to help you build your own robot based on open standards and parts. You can also find detailed assembly instructions on the Instructables web site.

Instructors Guide

This book comes with a detailed Instructors Guide which is designed for teachers and mentors that are new to teaching computer science using robotics.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Components
  4. Assembly
  5. Dirction