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Ghost vs Monsters OOP 2.0

This repo contains the complete app Ghost vs Monsters re-written in an object-oriented style of programming. It's intended as a example of how one might separate functionality within a Corona mobile application.

This new 2.0 release has been modernized for changes over past three years with the Corona SDK engine, DMC Corona Libraries, as well as my coding/organization style. :)


  • Simplification of level data
  • even more use of OOP and State Pattern
  • new Fully G2 Compatible
  • new now uses Corona Composer (removed Director lib)
  • new re-organized files into folders
  • new update to latest dmc-corona-library (incl dmc-objects 2.0)
  • new buttons from new dmc-widgets (removed UI lib, dmc-buttons lib)
  • new some Component Objects moved to own files (eg, ghost, monster, loading overlay, pause overlay, etc)
  • new improved overall code organization
  • new example of global communication via dmc-megaphone (can be enabled)
  • new managers created for Sounds, Levels (non-visual)
  • new new App Controller: controls core app setup and scene navigation
  • new new Test Controller: enables full Component test development
  • new only 3 global variables

More Information

This version

Details about the changes:

Original version

The original Ghosts vs. Monsters was a physics-based game template designed for mobile devices. It was created by Jonathan Beebe and Biffy Beebe for Corona SDK (

Many thanks to everyone at Beebe Games and Corona Labs for making the code publicly available!


This app is likely to be used as the small-app template in my git repo for Corona App Templates


Re-write of Corona SDK mobile app Ghost vs Monsters into object-oriented architecture



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