Awesome automatic JSON-based storage for the Corona SDK
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Awesome automatic JSON-based storage for the Corona SDK

dmc_autostore is a module which makes saving application and game data painlessly easy, because it has NO API ! Here's how to use it:

At the start you are given an empty Lua table. You add and remove data in it as you need. Any modifications which you make anywhere in the data structure will save your changes to JSON. Super simple? Yes ! Super awesome? Definitely !!

Great for OOP

You can grab a reference to any part of the data structure (eg, another table nested deep deep down) and use that to make changes as well. In this way, dmc_autostore is well suited for object oriented programming, as each object can be given a small piece of the data tree to read/write as needed.

-- import autostore
local AutoStore = require 'dmc_autostore'

-- grab handle to data storage, this is a Lua table
local data = 

-- make changes and the data is automatically stored
data.config = { file='/path/startup.cfg', count=4 }
data.number = 42 

-- data will be stored again.
data.number = 10


There are examples located in the example folder.