Add event capability to your Lua objects (e.g., event dispatch/listeners)
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Add event capability to your Lua objects (event dispatch/listeners)

This module can add Event capability to any of your objects. It can be used either as a mixin class or by "monkey-patching" your object. It was designed to work with lua-objects and has also been integrated in dmc-objects as a mixin.


  • addEventListener
  • removeEventListener
  • dipatchEvent
  • custom events
  • unit tests


Mixin Class

The project dmc-objects contains the ObjectBase sub-class which shows how to use this module as a mixin with multiple inheritance.

Here it is in a nutshell:

-- import the events mixin module (adjust path for your project)
local EventsMixModule = require 'dmc_lua.lua_events_mix'

-- create ref to mixin (optional)
local EventsMix = EventsMixModule.EventsMix

-- do multiple inheritance !
local ObjectBase = newClass( { Class, EventsMix } )

-- Then call init method in your OO Framework construction phase

-- with dmc-objects
	self:superCall( EventsMix, '__init__', ... )

-- with other frameworks
	EventsMix.__init__( self, ... )

-- When destroying, you can call __undoInit__

-- with dmc-objects
	self:superCall( EventsMix, '__undoInit__' )

-- with other frameworks
	EventsMix.__undoInit__( self )

Monkey Patching

--== Import module

local EventsMixModule = require 'dmc_lua.lua_events_mix'

--== Setup aliases, cleaner code

local EventsMix = EventsMixModule.EventsMix

--== Patch an object ==--

-- create one for yourself (eg, with OOP library)

local obj = {}  -- empty or create one from your OOP library
obj = EventsMix.patch( obj ) -- returns object

-- or have patch() create one for you

local obj = EventsMix.patch()  -- returns a new object

--== Methods

-- obj.EVENT constant is automatically added to your object, it can be changed
obj:addEventListener( obj.EVENT, callback )
obj:removeEventListener( obj.EVENT, callback )

obj.EVENT = 'obj_event' -- EVENT can be changed
obj.EVENT_NAME = 'my_custom_event_name' -- add this
obj:dispatchEvent( obj.EVENT_NAME, data )

--== Misc Methods

-- set a function to turn on/off debug output (per object)
obj:setDebug( boolean )

-- set a function to create custom events
obj:setEventFunc( func )