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import backend_gtk3
import backend_cairo
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
class RendererGTK3Cairo(backend_cairo.RendererCairo):
def set_context(self, ctx):
self.gc.ctx = ctx
class FigureCanvasGTK3Cairo(backend_gtk3.FigureCanvasGTK3,
def __init__(self, figure):
backend_gtk3.FigureCanvasGTK3.__init__(self, figure)
def _renderer_init(self):
"""use cairo renderer"""
self._renderer = RendererGTK3Cairo(self.figure.dpi)
def _render_figure(self, width, height):
self._renderer.set_width_height (width, height)
self.figure.draw (self._renderer)
def on_draw_event(self, widget, ctx):
""" GtkDrawable draw event, like expose_event in GTK 2.X
# the _need_redraw flag doesnt work. it sometimes prevents
# the rendering and leaving the canvas blank
#if self._need_redraw:
allocation = self.get_allocation()
x, y, w, h = allocation.x, allocation.y, allocation.width, allocation.height
self._render_figure(w, h)
#self._need_redraw = False
return False # finish event propagation?
FigureCanvas = FigureCanvasGTK3Cairo
class FigureManagerGTK3Cairo(backend_gtk3.FigureManagerGTK3):
def new_figure_manager(num, *args, **kwargs):
Create a new figure manager instance
FigureClass = kwargs.pop('FigureClass', Figure)
thisFig = FigureClass(*args, **kwargs)
return new_figure_manager_given_figure(num, thisFig)
def new_figure_manager_given_figure(num, figure):
Create a new figure manager instance for the given figure.
canvas = FigureCanvasGTK3Cairo(figure)
manager = FigureManagerGTK3Cairo(canvas, num)
return manager
FigureManager = FigureManagerGTK3Cairo
show =
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