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Render to qt from agg
from __future__ import division, print_function
import os, sys
import matplotlib
from matplotlib import verbose
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
from backend_agg import FigureCanvasAgg
from backend_qt import qt, FigureManagerQT, FigureCanvasQT,\
show, draw_if_interactive, backend_version, \
DEBUG = False
def new_figure_manager( num, *args, **kwargs ):
Create a new figure manager instance
if DEBUG: print('backend_qtagg.new_figure_manager')
FigureClass = kwargs.pop('FigureClass', Figure)
thisFig = FigureClass( *args, **kwargs )
return new_figure_manager_given_figure(num, thisFig)
def new_figure_manager_given_figure(num, figure):
Create a new figure manager instance for the given figure.
canvas = FigureCanvasQTAgg(figure)
return FigureManagerQTAgg(canvas, num)
class NavigationToolbar2QTAgg(NavigationToolbar2QT):
def _get_canvas(self, fig):
return FigureCanvasQTAgg(fig)
class FigureManagerQTAgg(FigureManagerQT):
def _get_toolbar(self, canvas, parent):
# must be inited after the window, drawingArea and figure
# attrs are set
if matplotlib.rcParams['toolbar']=='classic':
print("Classic toolbar is not yet supported")
elif matplotlib.rcParams['toolbar']=='toolbar2':
toolbar = NavigationToolbar2QTAgg(canvas, parent)
toolbar = None
return toolbar
class FigureCanvasQTAgg( FigureCanvasAgg, FigureCanvasQT ):
The canvas the figure renders into. Calls the draw and print fig
methods, creates the renderers, etc...
Public attribute
figure - A Figure instance
def __init__( self, figure ):
if DEBUG: print('FigureCanvasQtAgg: ', figure)
FigureCanvasQT.__init__( self, figure )
FigureCanvasAgg.__init__( self, figure )
self.drawRect = False
self.rect = []
self.replot = True
self.pixmap = qt.QPixmap()
def resizeEvent( self, e ):
FigureCanvasQT.resizeEvent( self, e )
def drawRectangle( self, rect ):
self.rect = rect
self.drawRect = True
# False in repaint does not clear the image before repainting
self.repaint( False )
def paintEvent( self, e ):
Draw to the Agg backend and then copy the image to the qt.drawable.
In Qt, all drawing should be done inside of here when a widget is
shown onscreen.
FigureCanvasQT.paintEvent( self, e )
if DEBUG: print('FigureCanvasQtAgg.paintEvent: ', self, \
p = qt.QPainter( self )
# only replot data when needed
if type(self.replot) is bool: # might be a bbox for blitting
if self.replot:
FigureCanvasAgg.draw( self )
#stringBuffer = str( self.buffer_rgba(0,0) )
# matplotlib is in rgba byte order.
# qImage wants to put the bytes into argb format and
# is in a 4 byte unsigned int. little endian system is LSB first
# and expects the bytes in reverse order (bgra).
if ( qt.QImage.systemByteOrder() == qt.QImage.LittleEndian ):
stringBuffer = self.renderer._renderer.tostring_bgra()
stringBuffer = self.renderer._renderer.tostring_argb()
qImage = qt.QImage( stringBuffer, self.renderer.width,
self.renderer.height, 32, None, 0,
qt.QImage.IgnoreEndian )
self.pixmap.convertFromImage( qImage, qt.QPixmap.Color )
p.drawPixmap( qt.QPoint( 0, 0 ), self.pixmap )
# draw the zoom rectangle to the QPainter
if ( self.drawRect ):
p.setPen( qt.QPen(, 1, qt.Qt.DotLine ) )
p.drawRect( self.rect[0], self.rect[1], self.rect[2], self.rect[3] )
# we are blitting here
bbox = self.replot
l, b, r, t = bbox.extents
w = int(r) - int(l)
h = int(t) - int(b)
reg = self.copy_from_bbox(bbox)
stringBuffer = reg.to_string_argb()
qImage = qt.QImage(stringBuffer, w, h, 32, None, 0, qt.QImage.IgnoreEndian)
self.pixmap.convertFromImage(qImage, qt.QPixmap.Color)
p.drawPixmap(qt.QPoint(l, self.renderer.height-t), self.pixmap)
self.replot = False
self.drawRect = False
def draw( self ):
Draw the figure when xwindows is ready for the update
if DEBUG: print("FigureCanvasQtAgg.draw", self)
self.replot = True
def blit(self, bbox=None):
Blit the region in bbox
self.replot = bbox
def print_figure(self, *args, **kwargs):
FigureCanvasAgg.print_figure(self, *args, **kwargs)
FigureCanvas = FigureCanvasQTAgg
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