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Building mpl on OSX has proven to be a nightmare because of all the
different types of zlib, png and freetype that may be on your system.
-The recommended and supported way to build is to use the make.osx file
-in this directory. This script requires you to set a PREFIX
-environment variable where you want the install to go. It will
-fetch the dependencies from a remote server and install them into your
-PREFIX dir, and then build mpl against them. It should ignore any
-lib, png or freetype on your system
+The recommended and supported way to build is to use a third-party
+package manager to install the required dependencies, and then
+install matplotlib from source using the script. Two widely
+used package managers are homebrew and MacPorts. The following
+example illustrates how to install libpng and freetype using
Example usage::
- make -f make.osx PREFIX=/Users/jdhunter/dev PYVERSION=2.6 \
- fetch deps mpl_install_std
- PREFIX (required): where to install the dependencies
- PYVERSION (optional): which python version to use
- (default=python, e.g. PYVERSION=2.6 uses python2.6)
- clean: remove compiled files
- fetch: download dependencies
- deps: build all dependencies (zlib, png, freetype)
- mpl_build: compile matplotlib
- mpl_install: install matplotlib in $PREFIX/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages
- mpl_install_std: install matplotlib in standard site-packages directory
- mpl_install_egg: install matplotlib as an egg
- mpl_install_develop: set up egg link to working directory (for developers)
- binaries: create the dmg file for distribution
+ brew install libpng freetype
+If you are using MacPorts, execute the following instead:
+Example usage::
+ port install libpng freetype
+To install matplotlib from source, execute:
+Example usage::
+ python install

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