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@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2013-06-30 Add support for plotting callables via fplot
+ Now one can use fplot and pass a callable to plot. Plotted
+ coordinates are dynamically managed based on the bounds of the
+ current viewport - Damon McDougall
2013-06-26 Refactored the axes module: the axes module is now a folder,
containing the following submodule:
-, containing all the subplots helper methods
20 doc/users/whats_new.rst
@@ -18,6 +18,26 @@ revision, see the :ref:`github-stats`.
.. contents:: Table of Contents
:depth: 3
+.. _whats-new-1-4:
+new in matplotlib-1.4
+New plotting features
+Callable plotting via fplot
+Damon McDougall added :func:`matplotlib.pyplot.fplot` which offers the
+flexibilty of plotting callables. This is similar to Matlab's fplot. Zooming
+and panning dynamically adjusts the plotted coordinates, allowing the
+possibilty to explore parts of the function that are less well behaved. An
+attempt has been made to detect singularities in functions as well. This
+feature is experimental and is likely to change in the future.
+.. plot:: mpl_examples/pylab_examples/
.. _whats-new-1-3:
new in matplotlib-1.3
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