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package mcgoweb
import ()
// RequestHandler is a function definition for an implementation
// of an HTTP request.
type RequestHandler func(*RequestContext)
// Middleware is a function that wraps a request handler to
// allow calling code before and after an HTTP request handler.
type Middleware func(RequestHandler, *RequestContext)
// Handler represents the handling process for an HTTP request.
type Handler struct {
Middleware []Middleware
Path string
// HandlerGenerator is a function definition which returns a
// handler.
type HandlerGenerator func() *Handler
// NewHandler returns a new Handler given a path and supported
// HTTP methods.
func NewHandler(path string, methods HTTPMethods) *Handler {
handler := new(Handler)
handler.Path = path
handler.HTTPMethods = methods
return handler
// AddMiddleware adds a middleware function to the handler to
// be called after previously added handler middleware. Any
// Middleware added to an application or blueprint will always
// be called before this middleware.
func (handler *Handler) AddMiddleware(middleware Middleware) {
handler.Middleware = append(handler.Middleware, middleware)
func (handler RequestHandler) withMiddleware(middleware Middleware) RequestHandler {
return func(context *RequestContext) {
middleware(handler, context)
func (handler RequestHandler) withMiddlewareChain(middlewares []Middleware) RequestHandler {
for _, middleware := range middlewares {
handler = handler.withMiddleware(middleware)
return handler
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