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9851e2b Dec 15, 2014
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import psycopg2
import cPickle
import json
import urlparse
from zope.interface import implements
from scrapyd.interfaces import ISpiderQueue
class Psycopg2PriorityQueue(object):
def __init__(self, config, table='scrapy_queue'):
url = urlparse.urlparse(config.get('database_url'))
# Remove query strings.
path = url.path[1:]
path = path.split('?', 2)[0]
args = {
'dbname': path,
'user': url.username,
'password': url.password,
'host': url.hostname,
'port': url.port,
conn_string = ' '.join('%s=%s' % item for item in args.items())
self.conn_string = conn_string
self.table = table
self.conn = psycopg2.connect(conn_string)
q = "create table if not exists %s " \
"(id SERIAL primary key, " \
" priority real, " \
" message text);" % table
self._execute(q, results=False)
def _execute(self, q, args=None, results=True):
cursor = self.conn.cursor()
cursor.execute(q, args)
except (psycopg2.InterfaceError, psycopg2.OperationalError) as err:
self.conn = psycopg2.connect(self.conn_string)
cursor = self.conn.cursor()
cursor.execute(q, args)
if results:
results = list(cursor)
except psycopg2.ProgrammingError:
results = []
return results
def put(self, message, priority=0.0):
args = (priority, self.encode(message))
q = "insert into %s (priority, message) values (%%s,%%s);" % self.table
self._execute(q, args, results=False)
def pop(self):
q = "select id, message from %s order by priority desc limit 1 for update;" \
% self.table
results = self._execute(q)
if len(results) == 0:
mid, msg = results[0]
q = "delete from %s where id=%%s;" % self.table
self._execute(q, (mid,), results=False)
return self.decode(msg)
def remove(self, func):
q = "select id, message from %s for update" % self.table
n = 0
for mid, msg in self._execute(q):
if func(self.decode(msg)):
q = "delete from %s where id=%%s" % self.table
self._execute(q, (mid,), results=False)
n += 1
return n
def clear(self):
self._execute("delete from %s" % self.table, results=False)
def __len__(self):
q = "select count(*) from %s" % self.table
result = self._execute(q)[0][0]
return result
def __iter__(self):
q = "select message, priority from %s order by priority desc" % \
result = ((self.decode(x), y) for x, y in self._execute(q))
return result
def encode(self, obj):
return obj
def decode(self, text):
return text
class PicklePsycopg2PriorityQueue(Psycopg2PriorityQueue):
def encode(self, obj):
return buffer(cPickle.dumps(obj, protocol=2))
def decode(self, text):
return cPickle.loads(str(text))
class JsonPsycopg2PriorityQueue(Psycopg2PriorityQueue):
def encode(self, obj):
return json.dumps(obj)
def decode(self, text):
return json.loads(text)
class Psycopg2SpiderQueue(object):
def __init__(self, config, table='spider_queue'):
self.q = JsonPsycopg2PriorityQueue(config, table)
def add(self, name, **spider_args):
d = spider_args.copy()
d['name'] = name
priority = float(d.pop('priority', 0))
self.q.put(d, priority)
def pop(self):
return self.q.pop()
def count(self):
return len(self.q)
def list(self):
return [x[0] for x in self.q]
def remove(self, func):
return self.q.remove(func)
def clear(self):
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